Sunday, June 28, 2009

Man in the Mirror

I was 7-years old when Elvis died, but I was to young to know who he was and much less mourn his death. But now that Michael Jackson is gone I know what loosing Elvis must of felt like to the generation before mine. I didn’t know the Jackson Five, but I knew Thriller very well.

I was in the third grade when I was first introduced to the king of pop. I remember my teacher wheeling in the 27-inch TV into the classroom and once the Thriller video premier played, 24 little mouths fell agape. At that moment little did I know this artist I was watching for the first time was going to raise a major landmark on my road from childhood to adolescent. Michael’s music inspired me and made me dream of becoming a super star myself: obviously it never happened, but it sure was a fun dream to dream. But, it was his unique and athletic never seem before dance moves that moon walked him into my heart.

His music and his presence is laced through out my early years, and that is why it feel as though my childhood has come to some kind of an official end now that he is gone. I am still in shock, and find it hard to believe that he is gone (Michael Jackson is dead. Michael. Jackson!) I keep turning on the news in hopes to hear that he was revived on the way to the hospital and his death is just an out of control rumor. Maybe it was all a publicity stunt for his upcoming tour! But. I still haven’t heard that part of the news. Must be true then.

When Elvis died Michael picked up that torch which leaves me wondering what upcoming artist will pick up Michael’s torch and become the next generation’s music legend.

Michael I truly hope you are resting in peace because you came to your Savior.


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