Thursday, September 17, 2009

Missing in action

Once again, where have I been?! I come and go, but more go then come here. My time is precious and this blog just hasn't made it onto my priority list ( even though I think about blogging all the time ). I keep telling myself things are going to change and I will become a faithful Sassy Shoe blogger once again and just simply a faithful blogger. Period, and then reality laughs at me and says, " Ha-ha-ha-ha, that's what you think". Oh well, the intention is there, even though time isn't. I will just have to visit my blog when I get the chance and hope that at least one other person still visits me every once in a while to see if there has been any new blog update. OH! Like right now = ) ( but, then again, it's 6:30 in the morning! Ha. )!

I do hope to return soon though, because I have exciting stories I would love to share with my friends including some personal items I would like to just simply document for myself. For instance, Alexis started 1st grade this year, she's a full on, full fledged school age kid!! Then there is my sweet Sophia who just celebrated her 4th birthday and just started Junior Theater and then there is is ME who just returned from Hawaii! Wow, what an amazing experience! Oh, so many more things I would like to talk about it, like Sassy Shoe Thursdays! Do you guys remember that? Gosh, I miss blogging about my shoes, I remember a time when SST WAS a priority and would faithfully snap the picture of a shoe I gave the honor to and hit publish every Thursday back in the Myspace days. Good times I still have to give credit to my pal Angela for that idea ( Sorry, Angela I still don't know how to put a link other wise I would put a link on your name that would take friends to your amazing blog page) .

I would also like to talk about my quite times that I have been having with God because they have been amazing. He is working over time on me and my heart is so filled with His grace and blessings! I am bursting inside with joy at what He is and has done in me over this Summer break. You see, sooooo much to share! Well, we'll see how it goes, I just wanted to quickly type out this one blog just in case there was still one of you out there who hasn't given up on my blog completely, if you are reading this, then this was for you, I wanted to give you something to read on my page so you come back again, and thanks for stopping by = ) .

Okay, gotta go and wake up Alexis for school. God bless.

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