Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pages from my bedroom: Quarantine (kind of) day 5

Eyes are shut and I think about what my body is feeling. Headache? No. Achiness? NO. Fever? No. Coughing & sneezing? NO. Runny nose? NO. I'm ALIVE! YES, HEALTHY AND ALIVE! Woot-woot, and I thank God. After my happy wiggle- laying-in-bed-dance I think about my children and I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I NEED to touch them. I get up and share the good news with Damon (*Damon has been sleeping down stairs all week, poor guy) and we decide that today is the day I kinda of come out of quarantine day! The girls are ecstatic and our reunion is so sweet. When we hugged I felt myself melt into each hug and didn't want to let go. it was the best feeling EVER! Nothing can compare to the hug of one's own child after so many days apart from them. BUT. I am still being cautions and I'm not kissing all over them or tackling them quit yet. As soon as I get to day 7, THEN, I will be all over them!!

I may have taken an extreme measure this week by isolating myself for so many days but, when the emotion connected to the subject is greater then the logic in your head then it's emotion that will tip the scales AND. You get someone like me who usually takes things just one step further in order to keep my family and kids safe ( just in case). Today was a happy day!!

After hugging on the girls and celebrating my almost out of quarantine day my thoughts then went to the downstairs of the house! The beautiful mess! And of course I feverishly CLEEEEANED!! And it felt good. I guess this now means that my days of being alone in my room and reading for hours and my room service is over. Boo ; ).


Want to know what is so ironic ( other then reading a book about an isolated Jew living in a basement and wondering what the sky looks like everyday. ) ? While in Mexico City, on Sunday the day before I left I went to the market (dumb idea now that I look back) because I wanted to bring back something home for my girls. Mom and I both put on our face masked and walked around the corner of my aunts house where every Sunday a market is set up. These are one of the many things I love about Mexico City: Culture. All the colors on the fruit stands were beautiful, they stood out like a bed of flowers in Spring. People coming and going trying to pass by on the narrow streets filled the market place. Tacos being sold on the right of you and fresh squeezed guava juice on the left. Yuuuum, any other day I would told my mom to sit down and let's eat, but not today. I just wanted to be in and out as quickly as possible because of the Swine flu. I was looking for candy ( that is what I promised the girls) and for a typical Mexican toys. I wander up and down and quickly found the candy I was looking for, but no toys. Most toys being sold were from China (phooey)! I wanted something typical and traditional. Just when I was about to give up I found these to PIGGY banks which I found adorable, there the traditional kind that have to be broken open! So whenever I come out of quarantine and hand the piggy banks over to my Alexis and Sophia I am going tell them......

"Here girls, it's a souvenir of the swine flu!"

Be safe and wash your hands!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pages from my bedroom: Quarantine day 4

8:30 am: I didn't wake as early today as I did yesterday, I think I'm liking this no-obligations-period in my life this week and reading till 1:30 am is finally catching up to me. But, before I talk about my book (*hey, what do you expect, I have a lot of time on my hands I need to talk about something right?) let me go over my swine flu check list.

Intense Headache: NO
Fever: NO
Achy body: NO
Nausea: NO
Soar throat: I still have a little scratchiness that comes and goes. Hmmm.

Thank you Lord for another morning of health!


Okay, now where were we? Ah yes, my book.

I just finished reading "The Book Thief" last night by Markus Zusak (just in case your interested) and it made me cry. I think it was an excellent book and it deserves to sit right next to Anne Franks Diary. It's 1939 and it's in Nazi Germany! There's a strange little man who lives with out a heart and likes to part his hair down the middle and has a funny mustache. He wants to rule the world but first he wants to exterminate the Jews. After many events and circumstances a young girl and her family come to hide a jewish man in their basement. The book is cleverly written and narrated by the grim reaper which makes for more of intersting point of view. The author takes a gloomy subject and makes it bearable to read with it's quirky humor and a girls child adventures with her best friend Rudy on the streets of Munich. When you read this books you get that sense that some one is telling you a story rather then reading a book. This book has made it into my favorite reads.

So there you have it. Betca ya weren't expecting a book review. Ha.


Here is Damon visiting me yesterday. Actually, I take that back he wasn't visiting me he was looking for some clean underwear.

Now that we are on the subject of Damon just let me tell you just how incredibly amazing he is! He has been a full-time dad and at the same time having to work from his home office and he is somehow managing to juggle that with the help or his parents. kudos to Damon who is my hero!!


As house wives have you ever wondered what your house would look like if you were not to clean up after your family for one whole day? Or let's say a week? I use to wonder this to but not anymore because now I KNOW! Last night I took a peek downstairs (wearing my mask of course and I didn't touch anything) and let me tell you it don't look pretty. BUT. No complaints here ladies because my girls have been bonding with their daddy like never before and they are both loving it. All I care is that my girls are eating healthy meals, taking showers, and are being loved and taken care of, and so they are. Everything else will be cleaned up when mama comes out of isolation ( Does anybody have a cleaning service's phone number ; ) ?!).

Damon has also been really good to me. I feel like I'm at nice hotel ( WelcoM do di Cook Otel ) ! When I am hungry I call down stairs, my order is taken and with in a few minutes my breakfast/lunch/ dinner is at my door! First there is a knock and a very shexshy voice says, "breakfast" ( the voice always seems to run away when I open the door, he must be shy) and when I open my bedroom door it's like MAGIC a tray of food suddenly appears! I have tried to tip the hot bus boy but he seems to be frighten of me right now. I admit I am enjoying the quarantined life minus that I'm not touching my kids. Reading all day, watching movies on my computer, sleeping in, it's actually been nice. So don't feel sorry for me. But, man how I can't wait to hold my kids and husband.

Oh, want to know what is grosser then gross? It's this stuff! My mother-in-law has been brining it over and Damon makes me take one everyday! It's like a vitamin C nuclear bomb! Any bugs you might have in your system will definately be exterminated after taking a shot of this stuff! Damon says it's funny watching me take it because I can't down it with out psyching myself out. I first jump in place, shake out my hands, rotate my neck side to side and then hold a tall glass of sweet OJ in one hand pick up the shot in the other. Then once I take a few deep breathes and deeply concentrate and on the words "I CAN DO THIS" then, I take my shot. Even so I am still left jumping in place and moaning as I chug my OJ. Here are some of the ingredients.....


There's a lot more but that is just some. Wooooooooooo-wooooooooo, this stuff can wake up the dead!!

2:00 pm: I just took the shot. Okay, NOW you can feel sorry for me.

Be safe and wash your hands!!