Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My mommy epiphany

According to this blog-less blog my life looks pretty boring and non eventful, but because my life is quite eventful this blog is so empty. 1 kindergartner, 1 part-time pre-schooler, 1, four month old baby and 1 traveling husband is enough to keep my schedule filled with excitement, madness, fun, adventure and yes, even some drama mamma meltdown moments, which apparently can win you a cruise (! Ah-yes, it's great!

Sometimes I feel like I'm 37 going on 7.

Damon has a new job now, which has been taking him all over the U.S! He loves the diversity of his days, and I love that he is getting to see so many new places and meeting new people. Oh, and did I mention he is collecting miles?! Oh yes, many-MANY miles which equals exotic vacations on lovely beaches, or riding bicycles on ancient cobble stone roads. The possibilities are endless! But, it comes with a price. With every good-bye comes another day or week home alone. Yup, just exactly what every mom dreams of, being home alone with ALL her kids……aaaah! It's been hard and it's been easy, it's been up and it's been down, it’s been sweet bonding and we’ve had lot’s of “Let’s snuggling in mommy’s beds because daddy’s is gone” moments and nights (my favorite times). But I have grown through it all.

I have learned to accept help, ask for help, say no, step back and manage my entire social life on Face book. Phone calls are out of the question most of the time unless you don’t mind listening to me refereeing a girl fight (ages 3 and 6 which usually is instigated by the 6-yr old) and then playing judge followed by becoming the jailer and eventually giving in to grace and letting the convicted one out. Or. I can just let the girls take full advantage of me (because that is what kids do best when mommy’s are on the phone. There must be a secret convention or something for kids all over the world for that) and feed them all the popsicles and candy they ask for just to keep them quiet so YOU never know I was being pestered and harassed by these little people living in my house that entire time! Whoa, that was a hand full to say. Okay, so it’s not ALWAYS like that but I’m just saying.

During this time I also experienced an AMAZING epiphany! My eye’s were opened when one evening I decided to give my girls an early bath: 5pm. Soon after that I witnessed a domino effect. By 5:30 we were having dinner, at 5:45 we were cleaning up, at 6:00 we started homework and by 6:30pm all was done! We had plenty of time to play because all responsibilities were done and mommy wasn’t stressed out of her mind trying to juggle a lot of sequence of events so close together as I usually do. By 7:45pm lights were out and at 8:00, girls were sleeping! Oh-my-goodness, I heard sweet music that night. By mixing up my usual routine I felt freedom. I had broken the existing state of children's bedtime routines! Bathes don't have to come after dinner when it's dark, and homework doesn't have to come before dinner when kids first get home from school, and story time doesn't have to come right before lights are out. So why have I been so strict in following the status quo?! Who said I had to follow this order? Yes, children need routine I know, but when you’re down 1 daddy and you have 3 kids for one mommy you gotta do what works for you. Ah yes, I’m a rebel ; ).


  1. You rock that schedule Mama!
    You are an amazing Mommy and are giving your girls the very best each moment of the day.
    Love you.

  2. First of all, I LOVE your background... so cute. Secondly, good for you for working it out and making the craziness make sense for you! We have been having baths at 4:30pm the last two nights and they lay around in PJ's watching a movie while I make dinner and then we all have time to play with Nate when he gets home and dinner is done. It's great!

  3. I didn't know you HAD this blog!!! That's how stinking behind I am. Sheesh. Your myspace one never would link up right, so I had a hard time following you on there. So glad you're here!

  4. I love you!! YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!!