Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pages from my bedroom: Quarantine day 3

6:30 am: I wake up but keep my eyes shut and do what I have been doing every morning since Tuesday. I go over the Swine flu check list in my head before opening my eyes

Intense head ache: NO
Fever: NO
Achy body: NO
Runny nose: NO
Nausea: NO
Soar throat: The scratchiness I have been feeling since Friday seems to have gone away. I wonder if it was the smoggy air in Mexico City that made it worse. But, for now I am swallowing with out feeling the scratchiness.

Woo-hoo!! Thank you Lord for another morning of health!

7:00 am: I could hear Alexis and Sophia from behind my bedroom door, they are waking up and getting ready for school. They are talking and trying to figure out what they will wear today. Alexis is helping Sophia pick out shoes and I love it that they are not arguing but loving each other. So close yet so far. I am dying to touch them and hold them. I want to feel their soft cheeks up against mine, I want to press my lips tightly up against their sweet faces and squeeze them. Victoria is now waking up too, and thanks to the baby monitor next to my bed I could hear her sweet cooing sounds that make me smile big. I wipe one tear away that begins to form at the corner of my eye and reach for the monitor and hold with care as if it were her tiny hand I was holding in my mine. I kiss the monitor and put up to my ear straining to hear every sound she makes. I haven't touched my kids since last Friday, but Lord willing soon, very soon...... but not yet.

11:30 am: Just finished my exercises to keep my muscles from getting to week and I hope I don't get any bed soars on my booty! I feel like the grandpa from Charlie and the Chocolate factory when ever I get up out of sitting in bed (hee-hee). Damon is doing an incredible job playing the a "single" father role while I'm in quarantine. His parents have been over a lot helping with taking kids to school and making dinner and I am so thankful for all the help. My hubby deserves the father of the year award!


Since I'm not planning on leaving my room until after my 7 days of incubation are complete I spend a lot of time by my bedroom window looking at the trees, breathing in the fresh air and saying hello to the occasional passerbyer. When the girls get home from school they run to the front door and shout out up to me, "MOM"! This has become the highlight of my days! I then watch the girls play hop scotch, run around after each other and show off their hula hoop skills to me. I've had great conversations with my girls from up here. We talk about school, what went on on the Hannah Montanah show, and Sophia keeps telling me at least 3 times a day that I shouldn't be hanging out with sick people anymore. My sweet Sophie.

Yesterday was a wonderful window-visitor day for because not only did I get to see my kids and my in-laws but also my dearest friend Bethany! She stopped by with her 3 kids to visit ME!! I was so excited to see her and catch up on all the latest gossip. She even brought me a goodie bag! In it was a Michael Crichton book which I can not wait to get started on, TWILIGHT Candy and a photo book filled with pictures of my children and of friends I love. It's amazing how something so small like that made a big difference in my day! It was the perfect gift for a quarantined friend. Thanks Benny!

I wonder if Hallmark makes cards for such occasions?

View from my window

My visitors: Bethany, Nate, Lucy, Ella and my Victoria in Bethany's arms. Thank you for stopping by.

Say a prayer for me today please that tomorrow I will again wake up symptom free and don't forget to wash your hands! Be careful.


  1. It's so fun to hear from you! keep posting!

  2. This is so bitter sweet! Almost surreal.

  3. I declare Saturday to be SWINE FLU FREE and SNUGGLE day!

  4. PS: Quarantine looks kinda sexy on ya on this day! ;)

  5. AWww I love you! You are so amazing!