Sunday, March 1, 2009

Last but not least, HERE I AM; trailing right behind everyone else who has made the switch from Myspace blogging to grown up Blog Spot blogging.  But what took me so long? Well honestly, I was waiting for the perfect Blog spot name to fall from the heavens and into my head and DING, the light of genius would go on and fire works would illuminate my path as I run towards my computer and proudly type in my blog name on my sign-up day! Finally all the waiting would be worth it and * I * would have the coveted title that would have all my masses of future blog readers saying, "Oh, how I wish I could of thought of that!".  

But, the heavens never did open up and drop down the "coveted" blog title into my head nor was there fire works, instead I got tired of waiting and looked at myself in the mirror and said, "The blogging world is calling you back, go sign up  NOW!" I looked into my brown eyes. Oh, wait. Wait! Wait! That's IT! I will be know in the blogging world from this day forward as the BROWN-EYED GIRL! Done.  Let the blogging adventures begin!


  1. I love you love you love you!

  2. Welcome, my friend! I am excited to read all about the Brown Eyed Girl!